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Welcome to the Maremma Sheepdog forum!

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Finally, a central place to share information about livestock guardian dogs!
The forum format will make it easy for readers to quickly find information specific to their needs. 

What is a livestock guardian dog? Are they right for me? You’ll find those answers in the Tell Me About LGDs category! 

Know before you buy! Set yourself and your dogs up for success by being well prepared. The Before You Buy category will help you with that. 

Do you have questions? Ask them here! You’ll hear from experienced LGD breeders and trainers from diverse backgrounds. Would you like to reach out in support of others in answering questions? The Questions and Answers is the place to do it!  

How do you take care of a livestock guardian dog? How much space do they need? What about grooming? What kinds of fencing do they need? What about housing? Check out the Husbandry category! 

How do you train a LGD livestock guardian dog? How much time does it take? What can happen when things go wrong? Positive reinforcement training solutions only! You’ll find science-based answers to these questions in the Training category. 

Have you ever wished you could truly talk to your dog? Have you wondered what in the world your dog was thinking when he did what he did? The information in the Behavior category will help you to understand why livestock guardian dogs do what they do and how you can form a working partnership with them. 

Would you like to find a LGD breeder or buy a puppy? Looking for a certified professional livestock guardian dog trainer? Check out the Services category. 
This forum is for you! Our combined wisdom will shine here. Please contribute posts, let us know if you are a breeder who would like to be listed here, if you are looking for LGD Sheepdogs, or make suggestions about how we can make this forum the best it can be! 
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